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SpiritMaker StillProduct Description

The LIQUOR QUIK™ SpiritMaker™ is a 1.05 USG (4L) stainless steel electric distilling unit that is specifically manufactured for distilling alcohol. This 320 watt model is specifically manufactured for distilling ethanol or essential oils. The lower wattage element vaporizes the alcohol before the water. The distiller is still capable of distilling water but will take a little longer than the standard 565 watt water distillation model. Alcohol distillation takes an hour to produce about one quart (750 mL) of 60-65% ABV ethanol (assuming starting with a 20% ABV SuperYeast™ X-Press or equivalent turbo-yeast). Switch off the unit when you have collected 2 quarts (1.5 L) of alcohol. If you continue to run the unit, the quality and output of the alcohol will be greatly diminished, until eventually you will end up with the same alco-base % ABV you started with. The unit will automatically switch itself off when the boiling vessel is empty.

Dimensions (approximate): H: 24" (61 cm) D: 9" (23 cm)

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